Get it now, Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

Written by Blogger Maps on Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sony Ericsson has had a bit of a topsy turvy time with its Android phones over the years. Its first few attempts, including the Xperia X1 and Xperia X10, didn't quite get the balance right but the X10 mini and X10 mini pro both impressed us and were intriguing options if you were looking for a particularly small phone.

The company's latest attempt, then, is the Xperia X8. It sits somewhere between the X10 mini and full-size X10 in terms of size, making for a small-but-not-tiny Android smartphone. It's also relatively inexpensive at just £130, or free on £15pm contracts.

The X8's design is a tough one to nail down. It's clearly not the most elegant device going and its plastic construction certainly makes itself known. However, it feels solid and well put together, and has a certain charm. If colour's your thing, you'll be pleased to know the backplate is available in a variety of thereof, though the front remains pearlescent white whichever you choose.

Where perhaps the phone most prominently shows its budget orientation is the front and more specifically the screen. The markedly grey (rather than black) and plastic 3in rectangle is slightly recessed into the bezel, which slighty hampers usability. The bezel is also rather wide, making the screen appear smaller than it actually is.

Otherwise, the general hardware of the X8 is rather impressive. The three buttons under the screen are responsive and easily distinguished while the sides are home to more features than you might expect at this price.

Up top there's a microUSB socket (underneath a somewhat annoying plastic flap), the power/screen lock button, and headphone socket that is compatible with Sony Ericsson's inline headsets – thus the odd shape. A headset that provides reasonable quality audio and decent noise isolation comes in the box however it isn't actually of the aforementioned Sony Ericsson proprietary type.

The left and bottom edges are devoid of features but on the right is a volume rocker and, joy of joys, a shutter button for the camera. Finally, there's the camera itself that sits on the back, sadly without an LED flash to accompany it.

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Google Chrome Links to new web App Store

Google recently announced several changes to version 9 of its popular Chrome browser, including closer ties to a web store featuring products that blur the line between websites and web applications further and give ecommerce marketers a new sales channel.

Google has said in the past that it created Chrome to help support the Internet's evolution from a primarily text-based medium to a platform for running applications. Seemingly the next step in this process is to aggregate web applications in a way similar to the Android or iPhone app stores, making it easier for users to both identify and use applications from the browser.

The Chrome Web Store is just such a marketplace.

The Rise of Web Applications

Web applications are not necessarily new. Gmail, Google Docs, Evernote, and sites like Mint are all examples of web-based or cross-platform applications. These tools provide specific solutions to specific challenges and, from the marketer's perspective, tend to keep customers captive.

In terms of technology, web applications are not terribly different from websites, except, perhaps, that web applications frequently make better use of available techniques or specifications - think HTML5 as an example - and the browser's capabilities. Google makes this very point in a video it released.

"One of the cool things about web apps, as we call this new generation of websites,…" the videos narrator say, equating new or advanced websites with the term "web app."

An Opportunity for Ecommerce

If a web app running on Chrome can be thought of as an advanced and, perhaps, separate website then ecommerce businesses may have a new channel.

For example, Amazon, Gilt (a discount fashion retailer), and eBay all have Google Chrome web apps that do essentially the exact same things as their respective websites: present products to customers in the hope of making a sale.

The difference is that Amazon, Gilt, and eBay don't have to worry about getting the shopper's attention with advertising or fumbling with search engine optimization to get better rankings. Instead, they have an opportunity to be the outlet of choice right from a potential customer's browser.

Opening a Chrome app, like eBay's, reveals - as implied above - a web page that provides the same content in a slightly different or special way.

Summing Up

Version 9 integrates web application more closely than its predecessors, blurring the definition of application and website to effectively create a new channel for merchants and marketers. In the future, Google is likely to continue including applications in its browser and other products. For example, will Google TV support Chrome apps? Only time will tell.

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Valentino Rossi, The Legend of Moto GP

Written by Blogger Maps on Friday, December 10, 2010

Valentino Rossi is a legend in Grand Prix motorcycle racing. Fans around the globe cheer for the charismatic Italian and he responds with flamboyant post-race celebrations and riding style that always attracts attention. The Doctor became a Champion of all three GP series, 125, 250, as well as the final year of classic 500cc racing. Rossi joined Mike Hailwood and Phil Read as the only men to have accomplished this task.

Valentino has been going by the motto of "one year to learn, one year to win" throughout his GP career. Rossi began racing GP in the 125 class in 1996. The following year he became the youngest ever GP champion at age 16, winning 11 rounds along the way. He was moved up to the 250 class in 1998 where he finished 2nd with 5 wins. In 1999 he once again become a champion, (the youngest 250 champ to date), dominating the series with 9 victories.

Next up: 500GP aboard the venerable Honda NSR. In 2000 young Rossi finished behind Kenny Roberts Jr. and returned in 2001 with a mission: To become a 500 GP champion. He did just that. After a year long battle with rival Max Biaggi, he wrapped up the championship with 11 victories and established himself as one of the greatest GP racers of all time.

The most dominating rider since in the modern era, the unthinkable happened when Rossi lost his title to Nicky Hayden in 2006. Rossi's failure came when he crashed during the season finale at Valencia, losing his points lead to Hayden. Sporting the Excalibur motif on his 2007 preseason factory Yamaha, the unspoken message from Rossi was loud and clear: The once and future king is dead set on recovering his crown. The Doctor fell short in 2007, however, losing his supremacy to Ducati's Casey Stoner and finishing the season third in the championship.

In 2008 Rossi took Fiat Yamaha and switched to Bridgestone rubber, the same slicks as Stoner. The result was yet another dominating season from The Doctor and another MotoGP crown. The following year Rossi repeated the feat, scoring yet another world title. The Doctor had to work for it, however, with his greatest competition coming from across the garage in teammate Jorge Lorenzo.
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